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Open a New Location ~ Repair the parking lot ~ Repaint the exterior ~ Upgrade Your Dining Room ~ Add a Bar~Add An Outside Patio ~ Add Inventory ~ Replace that Old Equipment Before it Breaks Down ~ Do an Advertising Campaign to Increase Business ~ Buyout a Partner ~ Implement Your Emergency Capital Plan ~ Take a vacation to recharge yourself to be more productive and make more money.....
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When times are good, we all tend to think that tomorrow
will be the same. Then tomorrow comes and business life
throws a brick in our road and something happens that
jeopardizes the good we thought we had. We talk with
merchants and business owners every day that tell us
things are good, I don't need funding, we are fine! That
is fantastic, but what do you do for your emergency money?

Our plan is simple, you don't wait until an emergency comes
up, that makes you scramble as a owner. You don't wait until
that piece of equipment breaks down. You don't wait until you
are opening that second or third location to find out that there
may not be enough cash to do what you want to do.

It boils down to getting the money before you need or want it.
You apply, get approved, get the money, pay the fees to pay it
back and when all is said and done, you end up with a lump sum,
in the bank doing nothing, other than setting in the bank and

drawing a little interest to off set the fees you had to pay to get it.

Seem foolish?

Sure does, right up to the point you want that second location,
or a major break down occurs, or you want to put in the extra

Yes you do have to pay the fees to get it, just the same as if it
was a real, "I need it now emergency", but it is not.

You have the luxury (if you create it) of being able to force yourself
to get ahead.

All you have to do is not spend, use, or touch the money until the
complete amount is paid back to the funder, at which point, we do
it again to make your "Emergency Capital Fund" bigger and better.
Many will say that this type of plan is absurd, but if you are going
to have a business that is green and growing, you will need the
Capital Fund that can be created by you taking the action.

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