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Open a New Location ~ Repair the parking lot ~ Repaint the exterior ~ Upgrade Your Dining Room ~ Add a Bar~Add An Outside Patio ~ Add Inventory ~ Replace that Old Equipment Before it Breaks Down ~ Do an Advertising Campaign to Increase Business ~ Buyout a Partner ~ Implement Your Emergency Capital Plan ~ Take a vacation to recharge yourself to be more productive and make more money.....
   Canadian Products                      

We have programs for the Canadian Merchant that needs cash.

We will soon have Loans, Leasing, Factoring, Lease Buy Back, along with our Cash Advance Product.

The Rock Solid Funding Solutions funder is the only Canadian Source of Merchant Cash Advances. We provide our customers with funding to help grow their businesses! Unlike traditional bank loans, Merchant Cash Advances have no fixed payments, time frame or interest rates. It is the purchase of future
INTERAC (debit) and credit card sales, (Visa-MC-Dis-AmEx), at a discount and it is repaid directly through a small percentage of your daily bankcard sales transactions. In order to obtain the Bank Card Cash Advance, customers must have a relationship with an approved merchant service provider, for your INTERAC and Bankcard (Visa-MC-Dis-AmEx) Processing.

We are able to approve businesses for cash advance, working capital, in industries that traditional banks often reject. 95% of those that apply, get approved. This makes the process of obtaining working capital easier and more accessible than through traditional loans. We understand the unique challenges that small businesses face when trying to acquire funding. That’s why our program is tailored to help small and medium sized businesses achieve growth and increased profitability without having to deal with the red-tape encountered when dealing with traditional financial institutions. Business owners do not have to put up outside collateral to qualify or go through the long loan-qualification process. If your business has a slow month, you will not have to struggle to come up with a fixed loan payment. Ensuring that we only get paid once you get paid!

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