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            U.S. Cash Advance Products              
Unsecured cash advance is a product for businesses that works a couple different ways. First the funder purchases future sales at a fee or discount. Example: a funder may purchase $135,000 worth of future sales volume from a merchants business. The merchant would receive $100,000 cash deposited in the business bank account, and the repayment could accrue either by  the funder setting up with a bankcard processor to take a certain percentage of the daily bankcard dollars deposited at the end of the day. Normally this amount is 20% or less depending on the individual case, or business circumstance. The repayment can also be facilitated by ACHing (bank automatic clearing house) directly from the merchants business bank account. This is normally a set amount, prearranged with the merchant to comfortably fit into the merchants cash flow, without making the situation unmanageable for the merchant. The third way is for the funder to set up a bank controlled account (BAC), sometimes called a sweep account (SA), intrust for account (IFA), or other such names. This type set up, allows the funder to get repayment by receiving a percentage from the daily bankcard sales, yet the funds are sent to the funder for repayment and the merchant by the bank, rather than the credit card processor (bank controlled). The percentage is however set up to be a percentage of the daily bankcard processing, rather than a set daily or weekly payment, so the funder gets paid back as the business makes money or have sales. If the business has a slow day or week, the funder receives less back for repayment. In turn if the business has a great day or week it pays back more, but always, in line with sales, as a business needs cash flow to run. Fill out the Request for Funding Information Form to have a Rock Solid Funding Solutions Team Member contact you.