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Open a New Location ~ Repair the parking lot ~ Repaint the exterior ~ Upgrade Your Dining Room ~ Add a Bar~Add An Outside Patio ~ Add Inventory ~ Replace that Old Equipment Before it Breaks Down ~ Do an Advertising Campaign to Increase Business ~ Buyout a Partner ~ Implement Your Emergency Capital Plan ~ Take a vacation to recharge yourself to be more productive and make more money.....
Funding Calculator

Check back to use our funding calculator when installed.
We can acquire funding your company, in an advance, of
up to 150% of your monthly, credit, debit and bankcard sales.
Example:  if your total processing of debit and bankcard
processing is $125,000 per month, you qualify for up to
$187,500. Each case is different and underwriting makes
the final  decision, but in the best case scenario, you
would qualify  for the $187,500. Request Funding today.