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Our privacy policy is: that we only use the information received from the Secure Request For Funding Information Form, and, or any other information requested and received, either in written or verbal form, in the Request for Funding process, to qualify or disqualify the business, funds requester, applicant, owners, co-owners, authorized principle, member, owner, partner, officer, representative, or entity that represents themselves to be any of the aforementioned. It is only shared with those that are to consider funding a business with the funds requested by the business, or directly fund a business with the funds being requested through this process. We never sell or share private information, without the expressed consent of the requester. All email addresses, phone numbers, or private information, used to qualify the business or contact the business it's authorized principle, principles, member, members, owner, owners, partner, partners, officer, officers, representative, or any entity that represents themselves to be any of the aforementioned, to qualify the business, will be kept confidential and secure. The person or persons that fill out the secure request for funding information form, warrants that they are authorized to give the information given on the secure request for funding information form, and holds Rock Solid Funding Solutions,
it's owners, it's principles, it's employees, it's affiliates, it's associates, any funder, funding company, bank, fund, entity or group, harmless. Any information given, that is not true, is misleading, wrong, fraudulent in nature, and used in an attempt to acquire funds, or funding that would otherwise be decline, without the untrue, misleading, wrong, fraudulent in nature information, shall be cause to decline the funding, without any further attempt to verifying any other information, given, shared, or received from a third verifying source. and by accessing, using any or all of the site, to initiate a relationship with the owners of this site, their principles, employees, it's affiliates, it's associates, any funder, funding company, bank, fund, entity or group, inclusive, or exclusive and any that may, or may not be mentioned shall agree, and will honor this and all policies, and if you choose not to do so, are not to use access, will not access, view, or in any other way be associated with this on any other site, entity, entities, that are associates, or are associated with or do business with Rock Solid Funding Solutions, or any of it's owners, principles, or employees. Should any of this policy be deemed to be incomplete, unclear, unenforceable, questioned, or have the need to be clarified, it shall not effect any other portion, passage, part or meaning of this policy, it's content, it meaning, or intent.